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Here are some of our favorite web links.  We hope they will be usefull and helpfull to you as well.

 Bub's Cycle Shop
  Stop here if you need motorcycle parts or service, or just looking for a late    model preowned bike or ATV.
Home of Fast Bikes and Low Prices!
Federal Do Not Call List

Tired of those pesky telemarketers calling you?  Here is how to put a stop to those telemarketing calls once and for all in three easy steps.
1 - Follow this link to the Federal Do Not Call list, and add your name and number to the list.
2 - Stop filling out marketing forms, sweepstakes, and other giveaway forms.  When a retailer asks for your phone number at checkout, simply say unlisted.  By giving them your phone number you are giving them permission to call you.
3 - When a telemarketer does call, simply say..."Would you do me a favor?......Put me on your Do Not Call List."  It works every time because it is the law.
It takes about a month to notice a differance, but after 3 to 6 months most of the telemarketing calls should stop.


Electronic check payment and deposit service from  We use this free service to pay and receive funds electronicly and you can too.  If you pay Secure Rentals with CheckFree your payment won't get lost in the mail and will be credited to you account with us faster.  CheckFree gaurantees your payment is on time or they pay the late fee, check it out.  It could save you time and money!